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1. Transportation and check-in
Transportation from Tampere-Pirkkala airport, Tampere train station or bus station to a hotel and aid with check-in.


2. Homevisit 
Visit original Finnish home and drink some coffee or eat supper with finnish people while chatting about real Finland in English, Finnish or Japanese. The price includes the guide, transportation and dinner or lunch.


3. Sauna and (ice hole) swimming
Experience real Finnish sauna by a lake. Take a refreshing dip into a beautiful lake in summer or experience the cooling refreshment in a frozen lake during winter time (called ice hole swimming). The price includes the guide, transportation, sauna fee and beverage.


4. Forest walking (berry picking, fishing)
Take a walk in a beautiful nature in Finland and you will feel the refreshing effect of the forest. 71,6% of our landscape is forest and woods. The forest walking may include also berry and mushroom picking or fishing depending on the season. Definitely we will bake sausages in a fireplace and drink some coffee or tea. The price includes the guide, transportation and snacks.


5. Tampere city tour 
Sightseeing in Pyynikki and Pispala area, visit cafés, Moomin museum, churches, market places, real Finnish schools or other places according to your wishes. You will see the beautiful landscape of Tampere city, visit museums and enjoy refreshing coffee and doughnut in Pyynikki Observation Tower. The price includes the guide, transportation, entrance fees and a snack or lunch.

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6. Shopping tour
Shopping in Tampere city. Find products of Iittala, Marimekko, Moomins and other Finnish goods, souvenirs and scandinavian design with our aid. The price includes the guide and transportation.


7. Viikinsaari island tour
Visit a beautiful Viikinsaari island by ferry in summer. The price includes the guide, transportations and lunch. There is also a possibility to swim in a lake.


8. Sports event
Want to see a Finnish ice hockey game? or Finnish baseball game called Pesäpallo? We will go together with you and guide you through the event. The price includes the guide, transportation, entrance fees and snacks.


9. Other services
We also introduce hotels, restaurants and night clubs, help with booking and buying tickets eg. for events and public transportation. Don't hesitate to ask any advice.

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